This will be an outlet to start putting out the comic strip I have been wanting to do for years. I guess it will also record moments of my life that I share with my wife,family and friends.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Tagged(Thanks Catherine)

10 Random things about me ...........

1. I made it down to the final call in Atlanta for The Real World in 2002.
2. My mother in law hit my parked truck in her drive way on my first date with my wife.
3. I have been told that I looked like Zach Morris from Saved by the Bell in my younger days.
4. When I was younger I would get physically sick when I tried to spend the night away from home.
5. I once at 25 soft tacos on a dare.
6. When I was little I would imagine that I had super heroes guarding my room so I could sleep at night.
7. Some times I think that I could direct films.
8. I have "hero moment" daydreams almost every day.
9. I want to write a book or screen play before I die.
10. I won $25,000 on a scratch off lottery ticket when I was 19.


Catherine and Dustin said...

Wow! What did you do with all the money? and 25 tacos at once...I bet you felt horrible!!!!!!!!

pbgaboy said...

I spent some and saved some. I was young but I probably spent the last of it when I was 24 or 25.

Yeah I felt pretty bad after I finished all those tacos..I would not dream of doing that

Lindsey said...

Patrick! 25 tacos?????????

and $25,000??????

Im impressed