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This will be an outlet to start putting out the comic strip I have been wanting to do for years. I guess it will also record moments of my life that I share with my wife,family and friends.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Here we go again...the signs of the geek

Time once againt to embrace the geek inside of all of us. If you are not sure that you or a loved one are actually a geek here some signs to determine if are affected by.."hyponerdorgeekalitus"

1. If you can name all 5 dinobots..your a geek.
2. If you plan your vacation around Dragoncon..your a geek.
3. If you spend hours trying to determine if you might be a mutant...your a geek.
4. If your dream wedding involves Storm troopers or wookies..your a geek.
5. If you buy happy meals, just to get the toys..your a geek.
6. If you can recite Clerks 2 word for word...your a geek.
7. If you believe that "they live among us".....your a geek.
8. If if you consider collecting comic books a "life style"..your a geek
9. If you buy toys and are over the age of 14...your a geek.
10. If you purchase said toys and do not open them...your a geek.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Well, I guess I should start blogging again here we go.

Just warning. The following will contain mass amounts of geekery(yes geekery..learn it,use it, own it.)

I recently played in the Southeast Regionals for Magic: The Gathering.
I spent alot of time play testing and builing a deck. I then proceeded to show up, play my worst match up for 3 rounds and play like a one armed man in a clapping contest.

Several lesson were learned.
1. I should have just stuck to playing limited.
2. Magic is till fun when your friends get to play also.
3. 98% of all magic players are still 200 pouns over weight and smell really really bad.
4. Magic players girlfriends always wear shirts that make their boobs look like giant traffic cones.

And you would think that I would give up on constucted magic..but not I.
I will choose to fail again come August at a

Well work is still sucks.

I am out shape and really need to get off my ass and build my muscle up again. I used to be ripped now I am just a skinny bitch...oh well I guess I should do something about that.

well time for bed...notice I did not say time to go sleep. Me and sleep are not on the best of terms at this time, so we are not spending alot of quality time together as of late. I hope that we can reconcile at some point.

My nephew Bramlett turns "1" on Saturday and a week after that it will be "1" year since my dad passed away.

well later

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

More Reasons to suspect that you might be a geek

Ok so here we go again...more ways to determine if you are a geek.

1. if you have ever passed on a date with the opposite sex to play video games you might be a geek.
2.If every t-shirt you own has the graphics from a vidoe game/comic book or might be a geek.
3. If you spend you days visiting Magic: the gathering web sites looking for deck might be a geek.
4. If you undertand what deck tech means you might be a geek.
5. If you can name all of the aliases of Nathan Summers you might be a geek.
6. If you have ever stood in line to get a video game system you might be a geek.
7. If you own the Firefly series on DVD you might be a geek.
8. If you proudest moment is the day that you WOW character hit level 70 you might be a geek.
9. If you play Magic: The Gathering but thing that people that participate in role playing are might be a geek.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

You might be a geek if.........

I know this is a rip off of Jeff Foxworthy are some simple ways to determine if you or a loved one are indeed a geek.

1. If your idea of getting together with the guys is logging on to play World of Warcraft you might be a geek.
2. If you know who Brodie and T.S. are you might be a geek
3. If the term "snow ball" makes you think of Clerks you might be a geek
4. If you can speak Klingon you might be a geek
5. If you can name the songs from the Buffy musical episode you might be a geek.
6. If you know the difference between an A-wing and a X-wing you might be a geek.
7. If you can name all 5 Dinobots you might be a geek.
8. If your idea of effecient is a 3/3 for RR you might be a geek.
9. If you can name the ship captain from all of the Star Trek series you might be a geek.
10. If you own all three Back to the Future movies you might be a geek.
11. If your top 5 things to do in 2008 include seing Batman the dark Knight and Iron man you might be a geek.
12. If you actually know who Blue Beetle and Booster Gold are you might be a geek.
13. If you know how Lucas came up with the nam R2-D2 you might be a geek.
14. If you can explain the scientific processs of Adamantium you might be a geek.
15. If you spend more time on Xbox Live than you do outside your home. you might be a geek
16. If you can name at least 5 x-men characters who were not in the might be a geek.

Ok...time to get back to work...later

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Tagged(Thanks Catherine)

10 Random things about me ...........

1. I made it down to the final call in Atlanta for The Real World in 2002.
2. My mother in law hit my parked truck in her drive way on my first date with my wife.
3. I have been told that I looked like Zach Morris from Saved by the Bell in my younger days.
4. When I was younger I would get physically sick when I tried to spend the night away from home.
5. I once at 25 soft tacos on a dare.
6. When I was little I would imagine that I had super heroes guarding my room so I could sleep at night.
7. Some times I think that I could direct films.
8. I have "hero moment" daydreams almost every day.
9. I want to write a book or screen play before I die.
10. I won $25,000 on a scratch off lottery ticket when I was 19.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

8:00 a.m. randomosity

Well today is my day off and I am already awake. I wish I was one of those people that could sleep late. I think if is really not possible for me. I have never been able to really sleep let alone sleep late.
So I guess I will haul off the trash and play some madden before Marlena wakes up. I have no
idea what we will do today. I would like to go to the race but then again it is just to much of a hassle. Marlena's mom was kept over night @ the hospital so hopefully she will be released today. She is ok...just had a little scare with a pinched nerve.

So I was thinking this morning about family. Until May of 07 I had 1 niece and that was it. Since then my older brother adopted a daughter, my younger brother had a son and wifes's sister adopted a boy. That brought the total up to 2 nieces and 2 nephews and a 300% increase of nieces and nephews in a 5 month span. Now Marlena's sister is preagnant and so is my younger brothers wife. That means that the total will now be 6. What a difference a year can make.

On to the geek corner. I just read X-Force #2 and this is turning out to be a great story line. Anyone that knows who Wolverine is, knows that he is a bad ass...well you aint seen nothing yet. His "daughter" is the ultimate weapon. This girl does not hesitate to carry out her mission and the amount of collateral damage she causes does not matter to her.

I have decided that if I were to have force powers that I would be a sith. The jedi play to many games and try to serve to many causes. The sith have one run the universe for the greater good of everyone. Every action they take is accounted for in the big picture. They do not worry how their actions will be interpreted by others, they just act and do what needs to be done. A sith can love just like a jedi and probably love more so.

I think I want to learn how to write. I think I could write a book, I just need to learn the format and get a really good proof reader.

The new Iron Man movie looks awesome. The new mtv films movie Stop Loss looks like it could be good. I like Ryan Phillipe as an actor.