This will be an outlet to start putting out the comic strip I have been wanting to do for years. I guess it will also record moments of my life that I share with my wife,family and friends.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Well, I guess I should start blogging again here we go.

Just warning. The following will contain mass amounts of geekery(yes geekery..learn it,use it, own it.)

I recently played in the Southeast Regionals for Magic: The Gathering.
I spent alot of time play testing and builing a deck. I then proceeded to show up, play my worst match up for 3 rounds and play like a one armed man in a clapping contest.

Several lesson were learned.
1. I should have just stuck to playing limited.
2. Magic is till fun when your friends get to play also.
3. 98% of all magic players are still 200 pouns over weight and smell really really bad.
4. Magic players girlfriends always wear shirts that make their boobs look like giant traffic cones.

And you would think that I would give up on constucted magic..but not I.
I will choose to fail again come August at a

Well work is still sucks.

I am out shape and really need to get off my ass and build my muscle up again. I used to be ripped now I am just a skinny bitch...oh well I guess I should do something about that.

well time for bed...notice I did not say time to go sleep. Me and sleep are not on the best of terms at this time, so we are not spending alot of quality time together as of late. I hope that we can reconcile at some point.

My nephew Bramlett turns "1" on Saturday and a week after that it will be "1" year since my dad passed away.

well later

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