This will be an outlet to start putting out the comic strip I have been wanting to do for years. I guess it will also record moments of my life that I share with my wife,family and friends.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Here we go again...the signs of the geek

Time once againt to embrace the geek inside of all of us. If you are not sure that you or a loved one are actually a geek here some signs to determine if are affected by.."hyponerdorgeekalitus"

1. If you can name all 5 dinobots..your a geek.
2. If you plan your vacation around Dragoncon..your a geek.
3. If you spend hours trying to determine if you might be a mutant...your a geek.
4. If your dream wedding involves Storm troopers or wookies..your a geek.
5. If you buy happy meals, just to get the toys..your a geek.
6. If you can recite Clerks 2 word for word...your a geek.
7. If you believe that "they live among us".....your a geek.
8. If if you consider collecting comic books a "life style"..your a geek
9. If you buy toys and are over the age of 14...your a geek.
10. If you purchase said toys and do not open them...your a geek.

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Becoming Kelly Wall said...

Ha! Love this...but of course I would.